Volume 2 Number 2

Three dimensional perspective plot of bivariate kernel density for male and female visits to a general practitioner
From Figure 4, Estimating Health Determinants of Healthcare Utilisation: A Nonparametric Approach, by Mncedisi Michael Willie.


Volume 2, Number 2, January 2009
Editor’s Foreword Dominique Haughton pdf
92 Using Sunflower Plots and Classification Trees to Study Typeface Legibility Edgar Merkle and Barbara Chaparro pdf data
99 Combining Web Mining Techniques and Structural Equations Modeling (SEM) for Measuring E-commerce Perceptions Dax Jacobson, Ekin Pehlivan, Sonia Vilvovsky and Wilson Wong pdf data
109 Living Standards of Vietnamese Provinces: A Kohonen Map Phong Nguyen, Dominique Haughton and Irene Hudson pdf data
114 A Comparison of Google and Yahoo: Which is More Effective When Using Sponsored Links for Small Companies? Kristin Kennedy and Bonnie Brayton Kennedy pdf data
120 Estimating Health Determinants of Healthcare Utilisation: A Nonparametric Approach Mncedisi Michael Willie pdf data
127 Issues Matter: A Case Study of Factors Influencing Voting Choices Robert Smith pdf data
147 Profit Analysis and Customer Satisfaction in Consumer Finance Chamont Wang and Mikhail Zhuravlev pdf data

Dominique Haughton, editor-in-chief, Bentley University
 John Bacon-Shone, co-editor Asia, University of Hong Kong
Christine Thomas-Agnan, co-editor Europe, Université Toulouse I
Kai W. Ng, methodology editor, University of Hong Kong


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